Monopoly Twisted

Monopoly Twisted 2.1

Now you can enjoy Monopoly on your PC! Monopoly Twisted is the PC version of the classic board game
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Monopoly Twisted is the PC version of the classic monopoly with some new twists and different rules. However if you like you can still play the classic monopoly with original rules. This means that you can play this game in two modes "Monopoly Twisted" and "Monopoly Classic". In addition there are also the regular features which are included in every game i.e. You can load and save your games and you can also play against the computer, if you really want to squeeze the fun out of this game play with a human opponent for a much greater challenge. Registration only costs $8.95. After registration the following features will be enabled:

1. The ability to load and save your games.

2. The ability to play in the Monopoly classic mode.

3. The 10 run limit will be removed.

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